Cape Cod: 2015 family vacation

We’ve just gotten back from a week of fun in the sun on Cape Cod with my family. After a few rough weeks/months it was a welcome break. We had near perfect weather with only a little rain for a half hour or so. We took advantage of the lovely weather and spent nearly every day on the beach, partaking in such activities like beach hikes, volleyball, catch, and the ever favorite beach nap! We also went to an artisan market and picked up a few items, Bryan got a new wallet/money clip with a buffalo nickel inlay and I bought a few unique necklaces. We also got a new lamp for our sitting room! We spent a few hours in town for some shopping and tasty eats too.

Here are a few photos from the week. I was more in the escaping reality and relaxing mode than photo mode so there isn’t a wide selection. I have a few more photos posted in my photos section if you are interested in seeing a few more.

One morning we went on a beach hike to see some seals:

CC2015 seals5 CC2015 single seal CC2015 Bryan seals

We saw some birds too

CC2015 gull2 CC2015 birds

and a ladybug

CC2015 ladybug

unique rocks

CC2015 rocks

dunes and beaches

CC2015 sand dune CC2015 beach3


CC2015 shadows on beach

and sunsets

CC2015 sunset 1


New house == new plants! Some we buy and put in and some magically sprout up overnight. Turns out, we have tulips! I usually think of tulips as being red and yellow but we have ones that seem to be a mix of both AND orange! Here are a few photos of them.


Signs of Spring

Spring is in the air and the daffodils are starting to poke out of the ground! (Just ignore the snow in the background (and poor photo quality))

daffodils and snow