Cape Cod 2014

Every year since I was 9-ish my family has gone on vacation to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Most people like to go to the southern beaches since most people prefer the water temperature to be over 60 deg and air temperature over 80 (on a warm day). But we love it. We stay waaaaay out towards the end of The Cape in North Truro. We like it because it’s less crowded and the beaches aren’t packed. Every year is a little bit different. Something fun about having a DSLR and a zoom lens now is I get to take pictures that I never would have been able to without one. Granted I have fewer pictures of people but such is life. Here are some trip highlights broken into different galleries since I have a TON of pictures. Any this is only a small fraction of what I took. Here is a miscellaneous overview. Sort of. There are a fair number taken in Provincetown/Provincetown Harbor area. Something I find truly unique about the town is it is primarily a fishing village and that is how the majority of locals (a lot of Portuguese heritage) make their livelihood. However, there is also a very large tourist/artist community that is layered on top of it. One of the days we went biking through the dunes. It became a big production when we woke up to find one of my tires had blown out. I got some ridiculous new mountain bike tires.

There is a large grey and harbor seal population. Since the seals gained protected status in the U.S. the populations have grown and thrived. While it’s good for the survival of the species, they are drawing great white sharks to the area. And bringing them closer to shore. Since I don’t like swimming in cold water I don’t have to worry much about that and enjoy viewing these beautiful creatures from shore. *Warning: while they can look cute and cuddly, steer clear of them in nature, they can weigh over 800 lbs and have a set of teeth on them you don’t want to experience!* Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day we walked up the beach to check out the seals at low tide

The last day we were there was a perfect beach day! With the zoomer I got a bunch of boat pictures. The first one is from our first night there of some big ship that we are thinking may have been waiting out the hurricane in the more protected bay area. The others are from the last day. The one is of a renovated wooden whaler. Not used for whaling anymore but it’s a neat piece of history. To get to the section of beach for the whaler shots we had to ford some water. Not too big of a deal except it was chest deep water that was trying to suck us out to sea as the tide was rushing out.

After the whaler we took some time getting back to our towels and got some cool shots of a bunch of different birds on the way. Not really sure what any of them are called so let me know if you do!

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