ADK May 2012

Here are a few select photos from our camping trip in the Adirondacks Spring of 2012. It was a four day excursion. We camped at Marcy Dam which is a two mile hike in from the trail head. Our first night out there were some thunder storms but when we woke up the weather was beautiful. We decided to nix our original plan to hike Mt Marcy and instead did the much closer Phelps Mt. When we summitted we saw a storm hanging out over Mt Marcy and with what we were hearing we had a limited amount of time to get back to camp. By time we got onto the main trail it was raining and thundering. The last half mile back to our tent we were sprinting through the woods in thunder/lightning/hail/rain. After much storming things cleared up for dinner. The next day was beautiful. Gorgeous weather for a hike. While it was a bit windy at the summit it was beautiful up there. Something I love is seeing how the mountains and valleys were carved out by the last ice age. It’s amazing to think that ice has that much power.

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