Pre-race day in Toronto

I’m still searching for a photo or two for my race report of the Nike Women 15k in Toronto so in the mean time, here is what happened Saturday.

We got to sleep in!!!!! Considering jobs, dogs, cats, misc housework, projects, husband (me), boyfriend (her), stress, life, etc, sleeping in and feeling rested isn’t really something that happens often. After getting up we hit the continental breakfast. Something great about Holiday Inn Express is their hot cinnamon buns. Yum! Post breakfast/showers/general getting ready activities we left our hotel and headed to the Harbourfront Centre. Something nifty about the 15k is that it’s a loop set up on Toronto Island. Which means organized ferry rides to get roughly 10,000 runners to the start. Brenna had selected our hotel based on it’s proximity to the ferry. It ended up being an easy mile walk. Something to help work out some nerves in the morning without tiring us out!

I’m not sure if Toronto is bike friendly in general or if this is just something they have by the lakefront but there was this separate 2way bike lane next to the Queens Quay road. As someone who bikes/runs/has other outdoor interests I think this is a GREAT idea. Something else great about it, the maple leaves we saw workers spray painting.


As we started getting closer, there were more and more athletic looking women and a general air of excitement. There was a building that the Nike folks had decorated a bit. There were a bunch of pillar/column type things that had the 15 things to remember when running a 15 k on them


with a runner definition in the front


After making it to Nike’s Women’s Village we picked up our race bibs, race shirts, and ferry tickets. Next we checked out what other Nike stuff was happening. There was an area you could get your picture taken with a map of Toronto Island and the route. Which we did.


They had a stride analyzing crew. Which we didn’t do. And then shopping. Which, we obviously needed shirts that say We Run Toronto with the race info. After all the shopping and having a relax day, we were hungry and found a restaurant that overlooked the water. It was a beautiful hot sunny day (why did I wear jeans?) and the obvious food choice was a cheese and charcuterie plate, salads, and wine (me)/beer (Brenna). By time we did a bit more shopping and mosied back to the hotel it was time for us to pick a place for our pre-race dinner.

We decided on an Italian restaurant a few blocks from our hotel. We had a tasty pasta meal with a carpaccio bread appetizer (that somehow came out after our pasta) and split a bottle of wine. All were tasty and excellent choices.


After getting comfortably stuffed and sufficiently carb loaded (best part of the days leading up to a race) we headed back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our early morning wake up. All around a good relaxing pre-race day. And we saw this sign across from the elevator. Not really sure what it means…



2 thoughts on “Pre-race day in Toronto

  1. I live in Toronto. I thought I’d run almost every race in the GTA at least once … but I had never heard of this one until your post. Looking forward to the next instalment! Dying to know what you think of the course!!

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