Oh Abby…

Over the weekend we did a fair deal of work on the house. And Abby helped. I was painting and took the heat registers off the wall. Abby aided us with a little “spring cleaning” in the duct work.

Abby cobwebs

Later, she took a break from cleaning and kept an eye on the birds outside.

Abby window

6 thoughts on “Oh Abby…

    • You always know they have been in to something when there are cobwebs strung out across their whiskers. And they then give you that oh so innocent look…

  1. Too Funny!! Made me laugh out loud! At least the cobwebs aren’t nearly as bad to clean up as the burrs Theo came home covered in earlier this week.
    It never occurred to me to take a picture. Obviously I have a lot to learn!! 😉

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