Ice Volcano

Yesterday Bryan, Seneca, and I went to Letchworth Park. It ended up being quite the adventure. Due to the extended crazy cold temperatures, a geyser there turned into an ice volcano. We had heard it was pretty impressive and since the weather is starting to warm up (above freezing today!) we figured it was now or never. The park is a little over two hours away from our place. My parents went last weekend and said it was pretty crowded so we got a very early start to hopefully get pictures without a ton of people in them. On our way it started to flurry. Just enough to make the roads slick. We had to maneuver through the back roads to get to the park entrance that was allegedly the winter entrance. Once we got into the park, the road we needed was closed. So we went back out and found an entrance that is more accessible. Unfortunately, the gate there was closed.

Seneca was starting to get antsy and the park was technically open so we figured we would park off the side of the road and walk Seneca around in that area a bit and see if anyone would come open the gates. We were in the midst of a debate about if we should just go around the gate and walk the two miles when a plow magically appeared on the other side of the gate! Bryan went to talk to the guy and he said that the roads had to be plowed before the gates opened and that he would turn around and we could follow him in. Score!

We got to the parking lot and there were only 5 other people there, the snow stopped, and we had actual blue sky! Right off of the parking lot there stood the 53 foot tall cone of ice. With water still spraying out of the top!

ice volcano portrait

The shady side had intricate icicle/drip formations

ice volcano drips

While the cone was solid ice, there was still water flowing inside it.

ice volcano spray

As always, Bryan kept Seneca occupied while I took pictures

ice volcano bryan seneca

One last picture of the ice volcano

ice volcano landscape

After taking a ton of pictures, we went for a hike. There is a gorge/river that runs the length of Letchworth Park and there are three (possibly more) spectacular sets of falls. Our hike took us by the Middle falls. All frozen with minimal water movement. Due to the intense snow and ice this year the path that takes you next to them was closed so I couldn’t get a shot of how truly impressive they are. This was the best I could do from the upper trail.

middle falls ice

Everything in the gorge seemed to be frozen. Here is a shot from the top of the falls looking back towards the gorge below.

middle falls gorge

We continued to the Upper falls where Seneca did a little exploring. (Yes she was safely on a leash the entire time)

upper falls seneca

Seeing how treacherous the trail ahead looked we turned around and headed back to the car.

It was well worth the trip! With any luck we will soon be able to have some adventures that don’t involve snow and ice 🙂

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