The 20 Year Facelift

A while ago Bryan and I started what we have recently come to “affectionately” refer to as The 20 Year Facelift. We bought a house and moved in the beginning of September last year. When we were looking at it and were in the process of buying one of things we had said was great was that it was move-in ready with only a few small changes that we wanted to make. As with any house, you move in and the things that were totally fine now need changing for one reason or another. And as often happens, the small things that you wanted to change originally balloon to be major projects. Wanting an above range microwave has lead to a currently in-process full kitchen remodel. 

One thing that we have consistently said after a project is completed is that you don’t say “WOW that looks great” (unless you get the before and after). Instead, the majority of them are “That’s how it always should have been.” Don’t get me wrong, they are all WOWs in our book and we adore the changes we have made. And it is so nice making our house our home. It’s like we are taking 20 years off of it. Getting rid of sins of the past (15 roofing nails aren’t designed to put two 2x4s together). I’ve been meaning to do posts of our projects as they are completed (and some in process) however, as they tally up, it has become a daunting task. So this is my warning *they WILL be coming* and I know at least a few of you have been looking forward to them πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “The 20 Year Facelift

  1. I’ve lived through enough of my own renovations to sympathize with ‘scope creep’. It’s rare to have a project not morph into something bigger than expected.
    … perhaps that’s why Husband is fighting me so much on repainting the kitchen …

  2. We are ! How well I remember the facelift given to the about-to-be-vacated home, Megz ! – with Seneca in there helping Bryan a lot … πŸ™‚

    • she has been a big “help” so far here as well. she especially likes to get involved with my painting. she must know natural bristles make the best brushes…

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