Working from home there are times when Seneca is so sleepy and quiet I forget she is there. There are the times when she barks at the cat. And then there are the times when she has to be ohmygodthisclose to me. And our dear 55lb lab/ridgeback mix decides she is a lapdog. This happened yesterday.


5 thoughts on “Lapdog

    • Abby and Seneca don’t get along so she usually meows until I’m done working and go upstairs to read. At which point she takes full advantage and becomes a lap cat 🙂

      • Bugger me ! – I forgot that. It must be annoying sometimes that they’re standoffish; make your and Bryan’s lives much easier if they were mates. Ah well; life’s like that, eh ? 🙂

      • Life would be SO much easier if they got along. As is we keep a baby gate on the stairs to separate them. No matter how many times Abby whacks Seneca on the nose she still comes back for more…

      • Sounds as if you two have a pair of animals who are determined to be examples of the age-old theory that cats’n’dogs don’t get on. Bummer, Megz …

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