Photography 101: Triumph

I was trying to come up with my take on triumph this morning. I have a cold so I haven’t been feeling very triumphant. Having yesterday and today off for Thanksgiving felt like a minor victory but I wouldn’t consider it triumph. A few years ago I went to Paris and took pictures of the Arc de Triomphe so I dug a few of those out. I’m not a big fan of modifying my pictures but I did a few things (hardly anything) to these.

I cropped this from being horizontal to vertical in hopes of cutting out the distracting background noise.

photo101 Arc de Triomphe

This is a shot inside the arc looking up. It isn’t the typical view that people think of. That’s part of what I like about it.

photo101 Arc de Triophe inside

Then I found what the true triumph of the day was. My nephew got to stir his oatmeal with an icicle to cool it down!

photo101 triumph jack

3 thoughts on “Photography 101: Triumph

  1. At first I thought what could be better than the Arc de Triomph – and then I saw the photo of your nephew! What could be better than stirring your oatmeal with an icicle?!! Great photos – all three

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