Building in Black & White

Photo 101 topic for the day is architecture. And to consider how it will translate to black and white. Today it was wicked cold and windy. I took the easy way out and dipped into the archives. I prefer to shoot in black and white as opposed to converting like I did here but the archives are very thin when it comes to black and white. I need to figure out how to convert my old negatives to digital. These are the two I liked best.

Bare bones of an old casino on the Asbury Park boardwalk

asbury park casino asbury park casino BW

These are the Days Cottages in North Truro, Cape Cod. The picture was taken in summer but making it monochromatic makes it feel colder.

days cottages days cottages BW


2 thoughts on “Building in Black & White

  1. I really like the ones with all the little houses in a row. I like the lines and perspective. It’s simple and neat. The top ones just seem too complicated to me. I’m not sure which I like best, the color and BW are both nice. I think I’ll have to say the BW wins out, just for the simplicity of it.

  2. The reason I scarcely ever enter photo ‘challenges’ is that all the photos I use are Chic’s; and there’s a limit to the relevance I can find. Yours are great, Megz !

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