Photography 101: Mystery

The challenge says: “Show us something uncertain…” The only uncertain thing I have today is where the heck have my photos gone???? To explain, the weather is sunny today (granted now we have flurries) and things have been fairly dull. So I went to dive into the archives, knowing I have some good stuff in there. And I have no idea where half of them are. I have such a bad memory that I take a ton of pictures. A whole day of my honeymoon pictures are gone, nothing from 2010, I only have a few pictures from 2011 and those are from my sister’s baby shower. There are critical portions of my life that are missing photographic proof! They are missing off of my desktop, laptop, external hard drive. I recovered the missing day of the honeymoon from the memory card still in my other camera. I still have another laptop and one (maybe two?) hard drives to locate and comb through. Freak out/rant over. Here is the best I can do for a mystery.

This is the remnant of an old hotel. A skeleton of what it used to be. This was going to be the premiere tourist hotel a few hours from New York City in the late 1800s. It burned down twice and finally gave up to nature. There were rumors about ill fated/cursed owners. Makes me wonder what the real story is.

shell of a hotel

This shot is from Bar Harbor, Maine on our honeymoon. We had a lot of sporadic fog. There is something about fog, especially around/over water that seems a bit eerie. What is–or isn’t–out there?

mist on the beach

4 thoughts on “Photography 101: Mystery

  1. I love your picture of the hotel….makes me want to go explore 🙂 it would be very cool to find out more about the oweners and everything that went on…thanks so much for sharing this!

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