A Short Run

Yesterday’s run was a short one. It was a Tuesday which means it’s an in office day, by time I got home and changed we were reaching near dusk lighting. Due to a self-imposed broken-ish toe a few weeks ago, I ran down town as opposed to the hilly area where my parents live. It was a short and surprisingly fast run (I guess that’s what happens on the flat!) and I enjoyed a short cool-down walk on the river dike. I found a woolly bear caterpillar on my cool-down. For those who aren’t in the know, woolly bear folklore claims the caterpillar can help predict the the severity of the winter. There are a few different predictors.

  1. Relative length of the colored bands. Longer black bands mean a more severe winter, longer brown means milder.
  2. A “fuzzier” caterpillar  means a more severe winter.
  3. The direction the caterpillar is traveling. If it’s headed south it will be a cold winter. North, milder

wooly bear caterpillar

The “results” are inconclusive. The middle of winter should be milder, but it’s pretty fuzzy so it should be harsh. Also he was headed south west. It’s a toss up.

While pondering our upcoming winter, I got to see the lovely pinks reflecting off the river as the sun slipped behind the hill…

sunset over chemung river

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