Bits of Halloween Cheer

Halloween is almost here and due to the move, we haven’t had time to decorate. I can see where the Halloween decorations are buuuuuttttttttt they are still behind a bunch of other boxes. I’m staying at my parents for a few days due to work engagements and I love the little Halloween/fall decorations they have on their kitchen windowsill. Here are a few of the highlights


clayWitchclayPumpkinSnowman clayGhostPumpkins

2 thoughts on “Bits of Halloween Cheer

  1. Cool pumpkin pics! 🙂 You might enjoy mine too. They’re from our annual Pumpkin Feast. Scroll down a bit to see the slideshow: They’re not really Halloween pumpkins, but I always have to grin when I look at some of the faces. 🙂 The sign on the big one says “This pumpkin weighs 221 kilos”.

    I love your witch! She looks more like a good fairy, really.

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