Hiking and Beer

Two weekends ago Bryan and I went up to the Adirondacks with our friends to go hiking and hit Oktoberfest at Whiteface Ski Center. And it was quite the weekend.

We had a carefully planned out route which Bryan and I hadn’t done and when Brenna and Mark came up Thursday night I threw that out the window for a tried and true hike. It was going to be peak colors for changing trees and I wanted a hike I knew we would have good views. We woke up early Friday morning, loaded the car and off we went (4am!) I took the first couple of hours of the drive so everyone else could sleep. I got a big cup of coffee to keep me company/awake. I am not a caffeine person. I don’t drink coffee/green tea/etc. Usually. On the rare occasion that I do, I’m like a squirrel on crack. It made the first few hours rather entertaining for me. As a bonus, I got to watch the sun come up over beautiful scenery. Before long Bryan had switched with me and we were at the trailhead for Cascade and Porter mountains.

We strapped on our backpacks, Bryan signed us in, and off we went! While it was a crisp day we heated up and stripped off a layer pretty quickly. The skies clear with a few wispy clouds.Looking upExcellent weather for hiking! The trail was pretty well maintained and before long we reached the split in the trail and headed on to the summit of Cascade. There was a rocky push to the top and then we got a gorgeous unobstructed view with plenty of vibrant beautiful colors.

21 rocksAfter a photo break and some trail mix we took a short jaunt over to the summit of Porter. We soaked in a little sun, ate a summit apple, and headed back to the car.

We headed to Lake Placid, checked into the hotel, showered up, and headed to dinner. Some burgers, s’mores, and many beers later we headed back to the hotel.

meg brenna bobsledAlong the way Brenna and I pacticed our bobsled skills…






alpine horns


The next morning we headed to Oktoberfest. Many drunken shenanigans took place. We saw the alpine horn guys there and a lot of other neat Oktoberfest type things. It was a rainy day but we found a way to have fun πŸ™‚

The next morning the sun was back out. We did a bit of shopping started the journey home.

4 thoughts on “Hiking and Beer

  1. “Hiking and beer” describes a great weekend amazingly well πŸ™‚ such a fun time,,, thank you two for thinking of inviting us along. Hopefully many more to come!

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