The two sides of my commute

Working from home three days and two in the office is working great, for the most part. The part that isn’t so much great is the commute. 1 hour 45 minutes. Most of it is on county highways so small roads. One lane each direction, no divider. Parts of this morning’s drive (and other drives) just straight up sucked. I was getting super down on it and was coming up with the reasons I hate my commute. Then, since I’ve been told I’m a negative person (no shock on that one), I tried to find the up side to the different aspects of my commute. Sooo, here is the list of what I came up with this morning (along with some embellishments from past drives)

  • The Weather:
    Bad: Two weeks ago there was a deluge. Last week I had thick fog. This morning it rained. These suck to drive in. I am not looking forward to driving in the snow.
    Good: On a clear day the sunrises are fantastic!
  • Change of Seasons:
    Bad: More of the drive is in the dark. My night vision sucks.
    Good: Currently the trees look beautiful with their changing colors.
  • Trucks:
    Bad: Their headlights are at the perfect height to shine directly in my eyes and transfix me. There are a fair amount of hills to deal with. Generally, the trucks have to slow wwwwaaaayyyyy down when that happens. Driving on the interstate early Friday morning I had a trucker ride my bumper with his high beams on. Nothing better than super bright lights in all of your mirrors.
    Good: In bad weather (if they are going a decent speed) they are pretty great to follow. As long as you keep the right distance you don’t get too much rain or snow kicked up on you and their lights are easy to follow.
  • Other Drivers:
    Bad: So so many reasons. In a long string of traffic you have that first guy going 5-10 mph under the speed limit and there isn’t a passing zone to be found. Stopping/slowing down suddenly in the middle of the road to turn without pulling over a bit to let other cars squeeze by. There are turn signals for a reason. Use them so others know what you are doing. Headlights, always a good thing to use. Even if you don’t need them to see I’d really appreciate knowing where you are at dusk/dawn/in the fog/etc. Tailgating, seriously?
    Good: If you are behind a few cars moving well the drive goes quickly. Watching their reactions can clue me into road hazards.
  • School Buses:
    Bad: If you are stuck behind them they stop every few minutes for a few minutes. And drive under the speed limit.
    Good: Hmmm. That’s a toughy. You are lucky when you aren’t stuck behind one. Usually where I am in my drive if I do get stuck behind one the school district changes soon enough that I’m not stuck for too long. That’s the best I can do.
  • Runners/Bikers:
    Bad: Running/riding your bike in the dark/at dusk is dangerous. With schedules what they are it can be difficult to get exercise in during the daytime, especially if you are training for an event. That said, wearing dark clothes when there is little to no light out is just dumb. Especially when you are on the wrong side of the road. And have no significant lights/reflective spots on you. The reflective bits on your shoes really aren’t sufficient.
    Good: There are people who are smart out there! They wear bright clothing that is reflective! This morning there was a biker wearing reflective gear AND had blinking tail light and head light!
  • Seneca:
    Bad: Last week she barked for the vast majority of the drive for no reason. She likes to perch between the seats which means you can’t easily see out the right windows.
    Good: She likes to perch between the seats and keeps me company. I talk to her to keep me alert. It makes me feel like I’m not going crazy by just talking to myself…

That’s the list as it stands. The commute can suck or it can be no big deal. I am lucky that I still have a job and can work from home, which helps me keep some perspective on the rough days. Which is a good thing 🙂

6 thoughts on “The two sides of my commute

  1. I reckon it’s a bloody good thing to make a list like this, Megz: makes you really work out your feelings, eh ? – and that should help you.
    I can’t imagine driving for that length of time to get to work. But needs must …
    You take Seneca ? What does she do all day ?

    • The three days I work from home are great. It’s just the commute for the two in office that are rough. As are my office mates. Seneca barking and wanting attention is worlds better than the people here.
      Seneca stays at my parents during the days. She just hates being able to go in and out all day. And laying in the sun. She is a happy dog 🙂

  2. There aren’t many things that can send me into a rant, but traffic – and more specifically the stupid, inconsiderate dumbass drivers – is one of them.
    You wrote a great list. I don’t miss the commute to work one bit. Navigating rush hour traffic yesterday reminded me of all the reasons why.

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