A Windy Run

Something I like about the three days I work from home is I can go for a run over lunch. The weather was a bit rainy this morning but it was nice and sunny by noon. I was looking forward to kicking some of the debauchery from the weekend out of my system. It was a bit windy so I put on a windbreaker and headed out the door. It took a bit to shake out my legs and it felt a bit blowy but not too bad.

Then I turned the corner and the wind hit me. The best part of that loop is the two miles that are by the lake. Today, it was two miles of head wind. Intense head wind that grabs your windbreaker and turns it into a parachute. The lake is usually pretty calm, flat water. When I ran by today, there were a bunch of wavy white caps.

windy lake

The wind knocked me around a bit on the way back but all around, it didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would. And my pace didn’t suffer too badly. All around a decent run that left me very windblown.

What do you think?

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