It’s Been a Crazy Summer

And by crazy I mean ridiculously busy and stressful. The brief run down:

  • Bryan got a new job that he loves! Yay!
  • We put our house on the market. Which was a huge ordeal for several reasons. De-cluttering the entire house, cleaning, and a whole host of other related things. My heart breaks taking all of the us out of our house. It hurts to see our house empty, a shell of what it has been. This house was such a step for me and was a real turning point in my life.
  • We bought a new house. Which has been a roller coaster. We found our house second trip out. Negotiations went well. And then there was a huge kerfuffle with all of the paperwork. At the final walk through before close it was raining aaaaand there was a huge leak in the roof. Long story short we closed last Friday and on Sunday we got a new half a roof at the seller’s expense!
  • All the while, I have been in limbo with my job. We are moving 1.5 hours away from my current job and I won’t commute. Waiting to hear back from my supervisor/HR as to if I can work from home is killer.

It’s felt like everything has been pushing down on me causing so much to suffer–health, nutrition, exercise, friendships–so so much. It has really done a number on my spirit. I’ve been putting off writing this for a few weeks as I have been severely spiraling. Trying to stay positive and upbeat to the world but inside feeling like I was stuck in an ever shrinking cage, frantically trying to escape. The dreams I’ve had have been intense to say the least. I had no interest in the things I enjoyed and forced myself to go through the motions. Fun times.

Thankfully things have started to break loose and bit by bit things are falling back into place. I can slash most of my first draft and hopefully not dwell on the past few months too much. In an effort to try to be a bit more positive, a list of where things are now/will go from here.

  • On the job front, my boss told me that I can work from home for three days and come into the office for two (Tuesday and Wednesday). Not my ideal but better than what it could be.
  • My parents were a huge help with everything. I don’t know how people do this stuff without help. One of the big ones is they have been supervising the movers packing our life up and putting it on trucks. I haven’t had to watch it happen. And I’ve stayed there the past few days while Bryan has been at the new house. My mom is one of the best cooks. I don’t know what it is but she has some sort of Mom Magic that makes everything taste better and somehow everything is ready to eat at the same time (a skill that eludes me).
  • The new house has it’s new half a roof! The roofers fixed a lot of things that were wrong with it in general. It makes me wonder what you need to do to qualify yourself as a “professional”
  • After work I’m heading up to the new house with Abby to get her situated. And tomorrow the movers will be here to unload everything and we can start making the house ours!

I’m excited for this weekend and our new adventure. With any luck I’ll be able to catch up and post pictures from our Seattle trip and one year anniversary adventure. And there will for sure be house pictures!

One thought on “It’s Been a Crazy Summer

  1. It seems that the rain was a blessing in disguise. Thankfully you discovered the roof issue before closing!!!

    Good luck and best wishes with all the changes going on in your life right now. Remind yourself to stop and breathe once in a while 🙂

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