Cape Cod 2014

The first full week of July my family went on vacation in Cape Cod, waaaaay up at the tip in North Truro. I had all the best intentions of posting regularly and uploading photos quickly. Well we’ve been back two-ish weeks and that hasn’t happened until today. In the meantime life has happened and I’ve fallen off the grid for the most part. In an effort to plug myself back in I uploaded a bunch of pictures last night and posting today!

Something different this year from years past is I now have my nifty DSLR which means instead of taking pictures of family and our hijinks I’ve done a lot more pretty scenery “stuff”. I have well over 1000 pictures from the week and I managed to get it down to about 100ish to share. Since I don’t want to slow my page load speed to a crawl I’ve created a separate photo page for Cape Cod 2014. Head over and check it out if you want to see the highlights. As a teaser, here are the highlights of the highlights…

Highland Light in North Truro

Highland Light in North Truro

pier slips pier facing monument bike path dunes sunset last night

small bird looking at me


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