Abby & Seneca week 29

Still trying to catch up from vacation and miscellaneous other things. Who would have thought buying/selling houses would take so much effort? I did but it’s still so overwhelming. House is finally on the market so with any luck the frantic pace will slow down.

Since we don’t want to risk Abby escaping during a house showing, we took her up to my parents Sunday. This is most likely the last picture of her in this house. It’s a bit fuzzy due to low light and me falling off the bed while trying to take it/get the right angle

Abby 7-18-2014

As always we took Seneca for a hike this weekend. Since we will be taking her hiking in the mountains soon we thought we should put her saddlebags on her so she will be able to carry her own water/snacks. This tuckered her out. Maybe we will skip on her carrying water.

Seneca 7-20-2014

Doesn’t she look cute/funny/determined with her pack on?

Seneca 7-20-2014 saddlebags

And just because this one made me laugh, after a good nap she was ready to play!

Seneca 7-20-2014 playing

One thought on “Abby & Seneca week 29

  1. Seneca = Bryan. End of. [grin]
    Abby’s catpole looks just like Lui’s ! – their dear (not) little claws … Still, so much better than on the furniture.
    So you’ve bought a house but not yet sold yours ? – is that how things are, Megz ?

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