Abby & Seneca week 28

Last week Bryan and I went on vacation (with the rest of my family) to Cape Cod for a little fun in the sun. Once I get a chance to go through and find my “good” pictures I’ll do a post.

Seneca spent the week with Bryan’s parents and Abby got free run of the house! If I haven’t mentioned it recently the two of them still don’t get along. We have a gate on the stairs so Abby has the upstairs as her safe haven. She loved having her house back to herself. She curled up on my lap while we watched a movie that night and purred. Which made Seneca chasing her around and barking at her on Sunday even more heartbreaking. Any tips on getting Seneca to stop terrorizing Abby would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, here are the photos:

hanging out downstairs

hanging out downstairs

Seneca keeping an ever vigilant eye on the neighbor's evil little ankle biters

Seneca keeping an ever vigilant eye on the neighbor’s evil little ankle biters

4 thoughts on “Abby & Seneca week 28

  1. I had NO IDEA they do’t get on, Megz ! – not a clue … Very sorry to hear it, and I can’t imagine how you cope …
    How does Abby feed herself ? – you guys got one of those automatic timed feeders mebbe ?

    • It’s very difficult, especially since I’ve had Abby going on 12 years now. I can’t believe it’s been that long.
      Abby thankfully self-regulates her eating and manages to stay at an ideal weight 🙂

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