What’s A Girl To Do?

No, seriously, what? I’ve been asking myself more or less this question for the past 1+ months. As I’ve mentioned, we are moving. What I haven’t mentioned is that Bryan has resigned his position where we work now and has accepted a new position! Very exciting, and a very good move for him/us. That said, the new company is about 1.5 hours away. So the move is more of a relocation. It’s all very exciting and stressful. The whole thing has a crazy amount of crazy emotions tied up in it. And here is the kicker: I may be unemployed soon.

I have talked to my supervisor and a bit up the chain and my position is not guaranteed once we move. As long as I’m local and can come into the office I’m fine. However that situation isn’t going to last. We have found a house, are working out the details, and really hope it comes through. So I’m fine through the end of summer (mostly) but what then? I’m in the middle of some big projects and, at the risk of sounding self-important, I’m the only one who can do what I do. I don’t want to leave these people in the lurch. I’ve requested to work remotely. Everything I do I can do from anyplace that has an internet connection and cell service. I don’t interact with people on a regular basis. I’m close enough that I can come in on an as needed basis. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to. Except our department has been burned in the past by an employee working from home. And now everyone is gun shy. I so far have been told that they don’t like to let people work remotely but that they will think about it and get back to me. Which leaves me in limbo.

I’m plugging away on my projects but does that mean that when I’m finished I get told thanks but we don’t need you? Will I be told my job is location dependent? Will I be told go for it and work from home come in twice a month? How do I plan for my future? If I don’t have a job how am I going to contribute to our household? Should I start looking for a job now? Are my skills obsolete? Will I even be able to get a new job since I lack knowledge of the “new technology”?

I think about this while staring at the ceiling in the dark. What will the verdict be? What now?

2 thoughts on “What’s A Girl To Do?

  1. Those are really tough questions to be faced with and it’s unfortunate that it takes away from some of the brightness of the other exciting changes in your life.
    I hope you can get some clarity soon!

    • Thanks. With any luck something will happen, one way or another, in the next few weeks. If nothing else I’ll be headed to the beach week after next and will hopefully let my worries sink into the sand.

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