A Life Lived in Balance

Time for some deep thoughts. I’ve been very stressed out lately. (Very is a bit of an understatement.) Stress means I haven’t been sleeping well which means there have been many nights laying in bed, alone with my thoughts. I’ve been thinking a lot about how unbalanced I am. And that causes my emotions, sleep, weight, everything else to go crazy.

As I’ve been over-analyzing snippets of my life, such as losing roller derby or finding endurance sports, I’ve realized that the dichotomy between events is what leads to balance. Looking at the base emotions usually associated with loss (sad) and gain (happy), how would you know what one is without the other? This can be seen in so many places. Sweet and sour. Light and dark. Young and old. You need a point of reference.

Loss isn’t always a bad thing. You need to lose a tooth to grow a new one. So yes, I lost a major part of my life which consumed my life. But I gained another way to be strong. I gained freedom. It’s all connected.

2 thoughts on “A Life Lived in Balance

  1. I agree completely, BUT – wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to store up losses or graduate from loss and just go with gain for a while? Not realistic, but when I read your post, that’s what popped into my mind. Off to read the Day 4 post…the picture has me intrigued.

    • Thanks! It would be nice to put the loss on hold. I’m a rather pessimistic person so I’m trying to find more of the good in the bad. Sometimes it sure is hard to find that silver lining!

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