Dear Billing Department,

You have received payment. Checking with my bank you received a paper check and you cashed it. I do not want to pay your $25 late fee. My payment is not late, for some reason you have not reconciled your books. I do not want to set up a payment plan. The bill was due on the 6th. I paid you on the 3rd. It is now the 19th. Get it together. Two days ago you said to have my bank fax you proof of payment, which they did, and that it can take up to 48 hours to get it into the system. Today you say it will take longer and to pay the late fee so this doesn’t go on my credit report. I have paid your $25. If this isn’t cleared up quickly, the funds will be canceled, a new check will be cut, and battle will commence for my $25.

Get your shit together. Be better.

Hugs & kisses


5 thoughts on “Payment

    • With any luck. I had a battle with the cable company from an account I canceled 6 years ago. After the last time I talked to them I *think* it’s cleared up.

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