Race Report: Running of the Saints

I’ve been meaning to write a race report from a 5k we did a few weeks ago but have put it off. The local Catholic school puts on a 5k every year. It starts and ends in the park by our house. The race started about two hours after we usually run on Saturday mornings so we weren’t planning on doing it but the day of Bryan wanted to sleep in (an ability that constantly alludes me) so I obliged. Little did we realize how hot it was going to get. The nice thing about it being close is we could walk down to register, then come back, and hang out at home until the start. We headed down for good 15 minutes before the race started and ran into a couple of our friends. We talked about our paces and how we thought we would do. Pretty much the other Brian runs a lot faster than us and Brenna runs roughly the same pace my Bryan and I do. When we lined up for the start, Brian was a fair deal ahead of us and the three of us decided to run together as long as we could.

The whistle sounded and we were off! And by off, we were SERIOUSLY off. Our pace was about a minute faster than what we usually do. Part of it I’m sure is that Bryan and I usually talk when we run which makes our typical pace slower. Another part is that there is always that competitive spark. None of us are going to win the race but part of you wants to do better than the other guy. Brenna was a few paces ahead of us in the first half but when we hit the first water stop she stopped for water and Bryan and I kept on. We slowed down from our initial pace but were definitely still going faster than our norm. The last 3/4 mile were killer. It was hot and sticky with a bit of an uphill. When we got to point where we usually kick it in and make a crazed sprint for the finish, there was no more kick. But we didn’t die. Kept our pace going and finished strong. Brian had finished a few minutes before us and Brenna a few after.

We were all standing around drinking our water and chocolate milk in a sweaty endorphin laden state when this man in his late 60s (maybe?) came up to us. As a side note, everyone has their own style when it comes to running apparel. This man was wearing running shoes, socks, and shorty running shorts. And that’s it. Which if he was spry runner type, wouldn’t have been a huge issue, but he had a huge beer gut, and looked like a sketchy creeper. This man and Brenna had been running in the same vicinity and to be nice, she said, “Great job! I can’t believe I found the energy to pass you!” Standard post race niceties. To which he said, “Yea I like to hang back and admire the view.” And then he just stood there, awkwardly close, until we all walked away from him under the guise of getting more water. The whole thing was off-putting and creepy. We tried finding justifications for it but whenever we looked around he was hanging out on the outskirts of the lingering crowd, alone, watching. Since then I’ve been so disappointed in all of us that we didn’t call him on how inappropriate he was. It feels like we are enabling the mindset that it is ok to say these things to women. That women’s bodies are a public commodity so this behavior is acceptable. That I didn’t say something for fear this stranger would think I’m a bitch.

Race results: Bryan finished 3rd in his age group and I finished 7 out of 20. More importantly, it was our fastest 5k to date!

4 thoughts on “Race Report: Running of the Saints

  1. It’s the group mechanics, Megz: people seldom say negative things to someone when in a group. Had you and Bryan been the only ones, I reckon you would’ve. And well done on your results.

  2. I’m surprised the sketchy creeper was allowed to run. I’ve never been in a race that allowed men to run without a top on.

    Kudos on the great run. They’re soooo nice to have! 🙂

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