Abby & Seneca week 24

As part of the moving process I packed up a bunch of my sweaters to stash at my parents. Abby was helping


Seneca had a play date Friday night (good picture of just her…but there were a bunch that contained ridiculous cuteness)


Bonus shot of Seneca, my dad (happy father’s day!) took this and I found it when I downloaded the pictures!



4 thoughts on “Abby & Seneca week 24

  1. That’s one of the BEST photos of Abby I’ve seen, Megz ! Hers could well be the eyes like glass …
    Not wishing to ignore Seneca – who is VERY cute ! – but a cat will always gain most of my attention. 🙂

  2. Are you sure Abby is trying to help? When my Theo sees the suitcase, he starts acting peculiar because he knows someone is going away. I think he lays in it – or on it – because he doesn’t want us to go.
    On the other hand, Theo is very neurotic … more than the average cat.

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