5 thoughts on “Abby & Seneca: week 23

  1. Abby’s colouring is really different, eh, Megz ? – I’m not used to so dark grey a tabby. She is very superior ! And Seneca is so bloody SHINY ! – how often does she get washed, for heaven’s sake ?

    • When Abby was a kitten she wasn’t as dark and was more striped. Unlike the rest of us she gets darker as she ages! I sheepishly admit that we haven’t washed Seneca in the 1+ years we’ve had her. We tried a few times but the fight she puts up ended up getting both of us plus the bathroom soaked and somehow her dry! We do brush her regularly though. Hopefully this summer we will be able to get her to swim which will make things easier…

      • And she’s BIG … Wonderful image of you and Bryan fighting the good fight, with her quite determined it won’t happen. 😀

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