The Note

High school was rough for me. I was cool my freshman year. Then my sister graduated and the cool kids forgot about me. I was wrapped up in so much angst and torment–some justifiable, some not–that there were days I could barely breath. On one of those days I found an index card slipped into my locker. It said:

“You are receiving so many miracles right now”

It broke through my agony and let a little sun onto my soul. I kept that in my planner for the rest of high school. And taped it to my monitor in college. Just in case.

2 thoughts on “The Note

  1. No idea what it meant, but tickled pink that it cheered you up, Megz … I’m beginning to think that the need to move house is weighing on your spirit and crushing it … Stay strong, darlin …

  2. In my high school time, many years ago, I didn’t have a tough time, but now high school seems like a torment, I’ve heard several kids complaining like it’s the worse time in the world. My son is going to high school in September, I’m really worried what he’ll face in there.

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