sing, sing, sing

Music has always flowed around my life. I remember as a kid listening to my dad sing and play guitar. He knew all of the fun kid songs that my sister and I could sing along with. He also played “real” music. One of the ones I vividly remember is Simon and Garfunkel’s “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)”. In the summer’s when we would grill in the back yard I’d sit in the grass and listen to my dad play and sing as he sat on the back steps, waiting to flip the meat. My mom would play piano. Mainly classical and I started taking lessons when I was young. It always amazed me to see how my mom could do octaves and her fingers could move so fast. I wondered if mine ever would. Christmas eve every year we would go caroling to our neighbors. We would sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and always start at least a third higher than planned, much to my dad’s dismay. I’ve always felt like I have a soundtrack to my life. Little instrumentals and trills in the background. Different theme music based on characters and interactions.  And of course, a epic rock ballad now and then. There are always some songs that some how ring true deep inside and stick with you, representing something significant.

Bryn Christopher’s “The Quest” found it’s way into my through I *think* an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It was during a devastating time of my life when I thought I couldn’t go on. There were times I would just sit there, crying, with this song on repeat. What I’m gonna live for/What I’m gonna die for/Who you gonna fight for/I can’t answer that” I would sit there and make myself come up with an answer.

On to happier times, much happier, a song that will forever be dear to my heart is The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”. I think the first place I heard this was at the end of Love Actually. When Bryan and I were putting a list together of possible first dance songs for our wedding this one got added to the list on a whim. We had taken swing dance lessons the year before and knew we wanted a fun song we could dance to instead of doing the slow, rock and sway made popular by high school dances. We tried dancing to a bunch of the ones on our list and when we put this on our eyes lit up and we got ridiculously silly happy and started dancing. And at our reception, it was the same feeling, and we totally rocked the dance.

At the risk of babbling endlessly about music I’m going to wrap up with a good wrap up/end of the night song. The Canadian group (who has since disbanded) Moxy Fruvous’s “The Drinking Song” was played at the end of the vast majority of parties I went to in college. Coincidentally enough, same went for Bryan. So we made it the last song played at our reception. I don’t know what it is about this song. It just speaks to me. “Drunk on the lawn in a nuclear dawn/My senses finally blurred” Plus, I love the line from “Goodnight Irene” in there

5 thoughts on “sing, sing, sing

  1. Man, the content was good with the transitions, but I couldn’t figure out how to put youtube videos in my blog without it looking stupid. Did you only do the link button or do you do something different?

    • Thanks! Instead of using the hyperlink thing I copied and pasted the youtube link into my post and it automatically added the [embed] [/embed] tags around it. The other way you can do it, if i remember correctly is Try either, or both, of them and preview your post and see if it works. I’m not part of the dance music world so I’d love to hear/see the music you wrote about. Good luck!

  2. Love how you connected different emotions and times of your life to your song choices. It’s amazing how music ties us to times, places, people. For the two years of college that my husband (boyfriend at the time) went to schools in different states, I couldn’t listen to the Chili Peppers because it reminded me so much of the times we spent together listening to their stuff. Great post and response to the assignment — I’m enjoying your blog!

    • Thanks! It’s strange to me when other people don’t have the same relationship with music. There are certain songs I can’t listen too because they just have too strong of emotions tied to them. I must say, your blog is delightful. I love hearing about your slice of the world in Africa

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