The Mountains

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ~John Muir

The drudgery of my work day/week drags on me. Sitting in an office without windows, behind my computer at a desk and in a chair with little to no ergonomic comfort under the florescent lights makes the days long. Crass co-workers who have no clue what proper business etiquette is grate at my nerves. It’s the little things that pull me through to the weekends. Lately I’ve been daydreaming about being whisked off to the mountains. Any mountains will do but my beloved Adirondacks are where my mind takes me.

I want to be on top of a mountain, seeing life and nature around me, spread out across the valleys, on the mountains across me. On a clear day when you look east you can see the mountains in Vermont and the rocky summits bathe in the sun. I love the way the warmth soaks into me while snacking on trail mix or enjoying a summit apple. In the spring and summer there are so many different shades of green. In the fall it is an excellent spot to view the changing leaves. The brilliant reds and oranges and yellows make the mountainside look like it’s on fire. It’s so quiet and not quiet at the same time. There is no music in the background, no cars, no traffic, no phones. All you hear is nature. The wind sounds different depending on the direction and intensity. Different animals make different sounds. In a thunder storm, relatively safe at base camp (importantly not on the summit) the thunder echoes off the mountains along the valley. You can hear trees splitting. The rain and hail on the tent. The part that makes the summit more intense, more worth it, is the process of getting there. The hours of hiking, and climbing makes it special. It pulls me out of my normal world into a more beautiful world, where I get to alone from all the bad of life and enjoy the things I love.

8 thoughts on “The Mountains

  1. I love your description of the mountain top. Especially your description of how it is “quiet and not quiet at the same time…All you hear is nature.” I think that describes it so perfectly. I’ve never been up a mountain (other than driving in mountains and what not) but I have spent much time in forests and near lakes. Your descriptions transported me to my favourite nature places 🙂

    • Thanks! I was debating if I wanted to go with a broader location of mountains/wilderness instead of mountain top. There are some beautiful little lakes that I’ve come across on hikes that are simply amazing. I love sitting there listening to the water lap against the shore.

  2. This Mountain seems wonderful, sometimes I get tired of my work place and I want to escape to anyplace that is not close to there. I could feel your mountain!

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