Abby & Seneca week 21

We were all over this Memorial Day weekend and I picked up a titch bit of a stomach bug/food poisoning. It’s been a lovely day.

This week’s Abby picture is from my mom’s cell phone. My parents were over doing some work this weekend and got this shot of her curled up in the sun.


This is wonderful selfie of Seneca and me on the ride up to Buffalo Saturday

seneca selfie5-24

And this is of our return trip today. I think Seneca resigned herself to the trip…


One thought on “Abby & Seneca week 21

  1. OK, now I know about the ‘sick’ bit. Stomach bugs are total shit (pun intended): I hope you’re improving already, Megz ! The children are divine, as ever; and I forgive you for 1 of Abby and 2 of Seneca. [grin]

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