Asbury Park Boardwalk

A few years ago when I was playing roller derby we had a bout in Asbury Park. It was quite the adventure and I always thought it would be fun to go back when things were a bit calmer (not ridiculously drunk/hungover from a crazy night). When Mudderella was only a half hour away I thought, what a great place to spend the night! We were beat and didn’t get time to do much other than walk the board walk and eat and drink but it was fun. Sunday morning we went for an early stroll on the boardwalk. Early to the point where no place was open for coffee. I took a bunch of pictures. Some creepy young guy came up and talked to us very intensely about how the shore has changed since Hurricane Sandy. Doing a quick Google image search on Asbury Park I can only imagine what it was like before the hurricane. By time I was done taking photos there was a place on the boardwalk starting to open. We had mimosas and coffee until the kitchen opened. After a quick walk on the beach we headed home.

Here are (a bunch!) of photos. I narrowed them down from the original 200ish to 33. Hope you like them!

2 thoughts on “Asbury Park Boardwalk

  1. But it’s sad, all the same. What is it going to take to convince people about climate change and the need to try to do something about it ? Sorry – can’t help myself.

  2. A good friend moved to Asbury Park last year. She has a beautiful apartment on the sand… but I didn’t know that the surroundings had fallen into such abandoned disrepair. Looks like things were dilapidated long before Sandy barreled through. When I was very young, my family vacationed along this part of the New Jersey shore one summer. I can barely remember it… mostly just impressions. But it was colorful and vibrant. Your photos are haunting.

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