This past weekend my friend Brenna and I went to Englishtown, NJ to participate in the Mudderella run. Mudderella is a 5+ mile mud run that includes 13 obstacles to benefit Futures Without Violence. Coming off the winter we both needed to get back into shape and thought this would be good motivation to get running again and get toned. Our plan was to get back into shape and push ourselves hard. Then life happened. We got busy, skipped workouts, missed runs. Oh and then the big kicker, sickness and injury. So with our expectations lowered, Team Bad Wolf headed to Jersey.

bunsWe stayed Friday night at the Holiday Inn Express in East Brunswick. We got in around 10pm and the guy at the front desk nicely surprised us with cookies! After a restless night we hit the continental breakfast, very nice spread, including cinnamon buns! After breakfast we suited up and headed over to Old Bridge Township Raceway Park (a.k.a. Mudderella)

After we parked we headed to registration for our bibs. After waivers, bibs, ID check (I can drink bracelet), we dropped our bags at bag check and hit the “pretty” station. Pretty much temporary tattoos and other fun stuff.

we look so pretty. and clean.

we look so pretty. and clean.

We headed to Stretch + Strengthen to get ready and pumped up and at 9:20, we were off! Not to go into too much detail but there was mud. Lots of mud. Mud that was too muddy to run in mud. The non-muddy parts we ran weren’t too bad. We knew it was a flat area and didn’t have much to worry about in the way of altitude but overlooked the part where it was on a motor-cross course which means the ups and downs that people like to do jumps on, are a bitch to run. Here are the obstacles we were up against.

After much running and jumping and climbing and crawling and sliding we crossed the finish line. Worn out and very muddy. My favorite quote was Brenna’s after falling and getting stuck in knee deep mud: “I’m a baby giraffe and don’t know how to use my legs” Very accurate.

post mudderella

after our first baseline clean (and obstacle including water)

We had a complimentary celebratory Strongbow Cider. And then a few more for good measure.


The sky turned stormy and we took off to Asbury Park for the night. After a good clean we went out for food and drink, including rum buckets at the Wonder Bar!


The next day we had a fun morning of mimosas and food and photos on the boardwalk before our drive home. All around it was a great weekend away, will post pictures of the boardwalk soon!


3 thoughts on “Mudderella

  1. Bad Wolf ??? – so you’re Doctor Who fans ? Bloody brilliant, Megz ! But, more on topic: the whole effort is pretty brilliant – I’m full of praise for you. And for being able to down more than one Strongbow – which was followed not all that long after by rumbuckets (whatever they are).
    Super post !

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