D.I.Y. Doctor Who scarf, the Fourth Doctor

If you are a Doctor Who fan you (should) know what I’m talking about. If not, check out the Tom Baker/Fourth Doctor scarf.

The Fourth Doctor happens to be my father-in-laws favorite Doctor. So last September when I was thinking of Christmas gifts the obvious answer was the Tom Baker scarf! The cheapest I could find it online was $50 and I thought BAH! I can knit, I’m doing this myself! Not only does it mean more because it’s hand-knit but it would be something fun and new to try. I hit up Google to find a pattern and found what I was looking for via the wittylittleknitter and doctorwhoscarf. To get an idea of the magnitude of this project, the scarf measures anywhere from 9′ to 26′, based on the season. I went with season 12.5 which ended up being roughly 12′

I used worsted weight yarn in colors similar to the original and size 8 needles.


I used a combo of this season 12.5 pattern and this one that shows measurements as opposed to rows. I went by a bit of both patterns which was a first for me, I generally pick a pattern it and follow it, no variations. This scarf was  a fun adventure. I worked on it while I was recovering after a long (13 mile) run. I would sit on the sofa and watch a ton of Doctor Who while knitting. It was fun times. And I found out something LOVELY, the dog loves playing with yarn. I think more than the cat does. I had to keep an eye on my yarn or else she would run off with it. She would also curl up with me and “help”.

seneca scarf helper 1 seneca scarf helper 2

It was A LOT of knitting!

It was A LOT of knitting!

After a few months and 12ish’ later I was done!

finished scarf

stylin' in front of the tree

stylin’ in front of the tree

I think he likes it!


I already have requests to make more 🙂

2 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Doctor Who scarf, the Fourth Doctor

  1. But Megz, wasn’t it just plain knitting ? How come you didn’t get bored ? And apart from that puerile question, it was not only a lovely thing to do, but a SUPER result.

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