Easter Eggs

Easter eggs have always been a big source of fun and enjoyment in my family. At a young age simply dunking them in dye seemed boring. We also got those plastic sheaths that put in boiling water and the suck onto the egg. The novelty of that wore off. We found egg stencils. The marker ran really easily. There is a Slavic egg decorating technique that uses wax that was pretty neat but very time consuming. Then we developed our own style. It includes using a hot glue gun, felt, cardboard, etc. There are all sorts of things that can happen when you expand your creativity to beyond the simple egg shape! When I was a kid we used to get eggs from a farm and around Easter they would give us some of their “small” eggs that didn’t make it to the proper size. It was fun to be able to make a duck with little ducklings. Here is this year’s group:

Easter Eggs 2014

Here are a few in progress shots

And close-ups!

3 thoughts on “Easter Eggs

  1. Love every single one ! – although I think perhaps the meteor and the egg in the hat are my favourites. How come you weren’t being helped by the other family members ? – and what was the gluegun incident ? Hope Brian’s OK …

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