Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

“share a photo that captures the threshold β€” that point just before the action happens, that oh-so-sweet moment of anticipation before that new beginning. It could be a door about to open, or something a bit more metaphorical like a flower about to bloom.” ~Daily Post

I had something great planned out for “threshold” and then, Sunday morning, realized that the orchid in my kitchen window was thisclose to blooming. Doing the blooming flower thing seemed a bit blatant after it was laid out in the challenge but as I was taking pictures it seemed like I could see the petals opening.

orchid1After taking the initial pictures I thought I’d keep shooting sporadically during the day/night and then some more today, see what happens when the threshold is crossed.

At what point does a bud become a bloom?orchid2 orchid3 orchid4

late night picture

late night picture

early morning picture

early morning picture

lunch today

lunch today

while making dinner

while making dinner


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

  1. I KNEW it was a phally !!! – how gorgeous for you, Megz ! Phalaenopsis is the easiest to look after inside orchid that there is: and the most FABULOUSLY varying in colours. I simply adore them: imagine then my joy when my oldest extant friend arrived on Friday for lunch carrying one for me ! πŸ˜€

    • That may explain how I haven’t killed it yet! Due to my past luck with them I assumed after the initial blooms it wasn’t long for the world. But shockingly enough, this is the third round of flowers!

      • YOU HORRIBLE WOMAN !!! I DEMAND to know how you did that !!! [grin]
        Seriously, Megz: did you cut anything back after the flowers died ?

      • I followed all of the instructions that came with the other orchids and they all died. So this one I went back to the basics of what you always hear with general plant care, water once a week or when it gets dry, and it’s survived! Once the flowers die i clip that part back and if any leaves or anything die I remove them but at this point it seems like not giving it too much attention it the right course of action. What is the “correct” way to take care of them?

      • Wish I noo. Having tried everything in terms of the cutting back (you know, ‘when blooms die, cut back to first blossom’ – what does THAT mean ?) without success, I’m gonna do what you do, this time, and not actually cut back at all !

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