Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember

What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad — in your life? Go!” ~ Daily Prompt

So many moments and so many memorable one. Here are my top three in reverse chronological order:

1) My wedding. I could use up the three moments and then some on the wedding and the whole planning experience but I’ll lump it all together. There were some very difficult times while planning but the actual day of was absolutely perfect 🙂

2) Graduating college. It was so happy and exciting to get my degree after four years of trials and tribulations. After the ceremony the realization of what that meant hit me. Saying goodbye to my roommate who had become another sister to me was so so difficult.

3) My college choir toured Italy for 10 days when I was a junior. We got to sing in many gorgeous old churches and cathedrals. The most memorable for me was in the Vatican. We were in St Peter’s Cathedral and our conductor had talked to the guards and we were able to sing one of our songs before the service began. It was amazing. We were standing in a circle around our conductor as our voices blended together and traveled up to the heavens. I’m far from a religious person but the connection and beautifully aching haunting music made me believe that there may be something grander out there.

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