Like It Or Loathe It #2: liver

M.R.’s new like it or loathe it is liver. Never having eaten liver I don’t know what I think about it other than I can’t get past the part of thinking IT’S LIVER. YUCK! Something I like about my liver is all the important stuff it does for me!

My biggest memory of liver, which puts me on the loathe side of it, goes back to a Thanksgiving 20+ years ago. The turkey we got came with it’s organs (it was plucked, cleaned, and organs inserted). I’m not really sure why. As my dad was getting the turkey ready to be stuffed (removing said organs) we for some reason decided it would be an EXCELLENT idea to feed the dog a piece of liver! We figured that raw liver would be a bad call and possibly lead to the dog being really freakin sick/wracking up a huge vet bill. So we decide the right move at this point is to pop it in the microwave to cook it a bit to kill any bacteria that may be around. Someone cuts a piece off the liver and puts it in. Apparently we put it in for a bit too long because before we knew it, it really started stinking and then exploded all over the inside of the microwave.

Ever since the thought of liver has been off-putting…

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