Wedding Photos

For those of you who don’t know, Bryan and I got married last August. We got our photos back in November and I JUST got around to loading them to my “other blog“. It started out as a wedding blog to get the word out to our guests but has since morphed into a place to keep people updated on what we are up to and different trips we went on (honeymoon!) If you are interested in seeing what our big day was all about, click on over there to see! (LOTS of photos so it may take a while to load. yes, I did shrink them before uploading) There are some from the morning when we were getting ready

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the ceremony

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the formal photos taken at most weddings

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and a bunch of pictures from the reception!

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As a bonus, we even posted some engagement photos.



2 thoughts on “Wedding Photos

  1. SUCH PLEASURE !!! Nothing gives me more. Well, except maybe for photos of loved animals. But I’ve said all that … I had no idea you were married so recently, Megz (well, comparatively): which means that you still have that particular glow. And no wonder! – what a lovely pair. Bugger it! – I sound like a grandma. I shall shut up now. 😀

  2. Loved all of your photos! They really seemed to capture what a lovely day you guys had, and how happy you are together. Super cute 🙂

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