I had intended on writing/posting this earlier this week but do to some technical difficulties keeping me off of my laptop and the furnace dying I didn’t really get a chance. But I’m set now.

You know how sometimes you see a bright and shiny SOMETHING and you just want it because it’s so bright and shiny? So my recent bright and shiny was a new lens! I got an email with a Nikkor 55-300 lens in it. WOW SO SHINY!!!! I sent the link to my dad with roughly that sentiment. He pretty much said don’t spend your money!!! What?!?!?!?! My dad got me into photography at an early age. We have several enlargers still back from the film days. It was rather shocking that he would say not to get a fun new camera accessory. WELL turns out he has that lens! One of the great thing about Nikon is that they made their DSLR bodies to match up with the Nikkor lenses from the old film SLR. Which means, all of my dad’s old lenses should work with my new body! Pretty nifty. The only slight disadvantage is no autofocus. But, since I learned on a camera without autofocus, no issue using it now. It comes back to you like riding a bike, or driving a stick shift. Last weekend we went to check out the bridge being rebuilt and put on the super zoom. It’s pretty amazing. Check out the difference.

non-zoom lens

non-zoom lens

zoom lens

zoom lens

Two other cool shots from the day

DSC_0417 DSC_0416

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