A cold night

Tonight is supposed to be super cold. Negative digits plus wind chill cold. While I sometimes grumble about the cold whatever, it’s winter in upstate New York. It’s expected. So the house was a bit chilly and Bryan went to check on the thermostat. Heat should have kicked in. Hmmmm. To the basement! After some searching around and a phone call to dad, the furnace is dead. 10pm and the furnace is dead. Fantastic. Posting this from my phone and if I’ve done it right, there should be a picture of the broken piece below. We have a fire going and it’s time to bust out the winter sleeping bags and long undies. Night all.


4 thoughts on “A cold night

  1. Not really true: I don’t actually LIKE it at all, Megz! The thought of a tiny thing like that’s busting, first of all … and then of its busting causing the furnace to STOP … well, both are ghastly. I hope the pair of you managed to exchange enough body warmth, what with the long underwear and the sleeping bags … Please post to let us know all’s well …? – I mean, in the mornng …

    • We survived, as did Abby and Seneca! It was mighty chilly getting out of our sleeping bags this morning. We only got 5ish hours of sleep last night and had to get up every hour or so to put wood on the fire. I’m at work warming up and Bryan is home trying to fix it. If he doesn’t have any luck we have an appointment with a heating guy this afternoon…

      • Thanks for the update, truly! How super (1) that sweet Brian MIGHT be able to fix it, and (2) that the heating guy is prepared to be on a ‘perhaps’ basis! 🙂

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