Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?

This week’s writing challenge asks the question: What’s your Valentine’s story?

I suppose being a newlywed I should have a wildly romantic spin on Valentine’s Day. For any number of reasons, I don’t. Do you really need to have a specific date/reason to show someone you love them and that they are the most important person to you? I, personally, think that you should show someone you love them every day. And if you do want that one specific day, I may be crazy but I’m thinking that an anniversary will suffice. All that said, we do have our own little Valentine’s Day tradition consisting of steak and red wine and that’s pretty much it. No need to go to a fancy restaurant or spend a ton of money. Just a moment to take a breath and enjoy our life together.

Other than our standing steak and wine date I have two other Valentine’s memories that stick out in my mind. When Jen and I were kids our parents would get us a few chocolates every year for Valentine’s Day. We never were big on the sweets/processed foods so it was a real treat to get them. I would always try to make them last as long as possible. There were these little chocolate peanut butter hearts that were so good. So much smoother and creamier and less salty than anything Reese’s puts out. My other memory is from my freshman year of college. My sister was a senior at the same college and since neither of us were in a relationship, we had a sister date. Jen borrowed a friend’s car and we drove around until we found a place to eat. It was a great mini-adventure off campus and a wonderful chance to catch up.

Happy Valentine’s Day all y’all! Have a good one xoxo

*I found out some interesting things about Valentine’s Day on Wikipedia, such as how the holiday wasn’t associated with romantic love until Geoffrey Chaucer’s time.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?

  1. Oh! – so it wasn’t Feb 14 1929 … Oh well. [grin]
    Nice stuff, Megz, and I’m in entire agreement with you about no need for huge expenditure/s. Chic used to cook me my favourite meal on my birthday, and as for Valentine’s Day … like, nuffing at all! We were always very anti-retail, the Stringers.

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