Like It Or Loathe It #1

My first attempt at M.R.’s monthly like it or loathe it challenge. This month’s LIOLI topic is flying. So flying, like it or loathe it. Hmmm, both! Since I’ve been told I’m a glass half empty person first the loathe:

  • I hate not having control. Yes, when you travel by car you don’t have total control but you have some, which is better than none. You don’t know how experienced the pilot is.
  • It makes me feels trapped. I’m not really a claustrophobic person BUT being confined on a plane, especially with so little personal space, I get panicky.
  • There are so many people in airports and on planes (generally) it gets overwhelming for me.
  • TURBULENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a flight from NYC to Syracuse which was only 45 minutes but was in total fog with tons of bumps and jerks, especially considering it was a 10 person plane. About 4 hours of a flight to Paris was all turbulence. It felt like the plane was dropping out from underneath me and makes it quite clear that you are flying through the air and without the plane you are in big trouble.

And now the like:

  • Planes bring you to wonderful places! Even though the ride was rough I had a wonderful time in Paris. I also have been lucky enough to travel to Italy, Hawaii, and Salt Lake City.
  • I love having window seats and seeing the scenery, especially cities and night. On an island hopper in Hawaii it was overcast when we took off but once we got up in elevation we were above the clouds and all that was sticking through were the tops of the mountains. The clouds were so smooth it looked like they were islands sticking out of the ocean.
  • Statistically speaking, flying is safe means of travel.
  • There is actual science behind how planes work and stay in the sky! My dad is an aeronautical engineer and at a young age he explained in great depth how planes work and how the rate of airflow over a wing as opposed to under creates different pressure zones which causes lift (essentially). He also told me once that it takes about 30 seconds for a plan to get its nose off the runway. Anytime I fly, when the engines kick in going down the runway I start counting.

As a coincidental aside, I picked up a bottle of French wine and drank it over the weekend because I liked the label and the airplane theme! The label says:

We celebrate the pioneering aviators of the famous “Aeoropostale” who risked all to deliver the first mail from France to Barcelona in 1918, then North Africa, and eventually even South America. These intrepid pilots flew solo from Toulouse, using our very own Tree of Moscou (L’Arbre de Moscou) as a key visual reference. Domaine Gayda is “Flying Solo” to deliver you our wines of exceptional quality and value from this enterprising region of France.”

Flying Solo label

One thought on “Like It Or Loathe It #1

  1. Wow, Megz! – my first BOTH. Triffic! – and I can relate to all of ’em.
    Seeing that very superior bottle of wine reminds me that it’s only in Oz that one of those two is known by a different name: the world calls it ‘Syrah’, but we call it ‘Shiraz’. Why? Only the gods know, ‘s far as I’m concerned. 😐

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