Doctor Who crafts: a roundup

I’m in the midst of a Torchwood marathon. So what better to do than look for Doctor Who crafts? When I’m watching TV or a movie (at home) I like to keep my hands busy so I don’t feel like I’m just wasting my time. During the fall I was training for a half marathon and on Saturday’s after my long run I would “catch up” on my shows. To feel like I wasn’t laying around wasting my day I started knitting my father-in-law a scarf. Not just any scarf though, the Tom Baker 4th Doctor’s scarf. Pretty much I knit a 12 foot scarf. Pretty snazzy, right?


So now, my hands are idle and need a new project. Eventually I’ll make more of the scarves, I’ve had a few requests, but now I want a different challenge. Hence, looking for other Doctor Who related projects. Here are a few that I found:

Spilly Jane Knits Police Box Mittens. The pattern is for grey mittens with little TARDIS’s on them. The thing I like is that there is a variation for fingerless mitts. My hands are basically always chilly so they would come in very handy. Also, love how they are called police box mittens as to not infringe on any copyrights.

Adipose pattern from ImaginaryBF. I love these little guys, so cute! I would love to lose an adipose or two. Not really something I can make in front of the TV but it would be an easy pattern and fun to make for kids.

Witty Little Knitter’s Fourth Doctor Scarf. I used her pattern for season 12.5 for my father-in-law and I think I’m going to use it for the other ones I do too.

Witty Little Knitter’s TARDIS Socks. The witty little knitter also came up with a TARDIS sock pattern. The first pair of socks I knitted the gauge was way off and I ended up giving them to my husband so when I make these they will need to fit!

Rose Tyler Doomsday Armwarmers. I’m a big Rose Tyler fan. Possibly my favorite companion. While some of her fashion choices were a bit dodgy I love her armwarmers. I have cold hands, need to make me a pair.

Pinstripe 10 Scarf. The 10th Doctor wore pinstripe suits. This is a pinstripe scarf.

That’s all I’ve got, now to try to figure out what to make next and put projects in the queue!

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