DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Board

I enjoy wine. And I’m pretty crafty. Put those things together and there is clearly never a reason to throw out a wine cork. At least the ones made out of “real” cork. After realizing recently how many corks I actually have I’ve been working on different craft projects using them. My most recent creation was a jewelry board. My necklaces and earrings were never kept in any semblance of order, mostly strewn around on my dresser. I was looking for a unique idea and found several made out of corks online. This was one in particular I liked however there was one major problem, I had no good place to hang it. I decided that the way to go was to a hinged shadow box. The two halves would provide support so I wouldn’t need a wall and it was portable. I picked one up and in short order had made myself a nifty jewelry board that I adored. Until I went to hang up my necklaces. Other than a handful they were all WAY too long.


I ended up buying a necklace tree for them and cork creation works wonderfully for earrings and bracelets. When my sister was over this summer she saw it and said I like it! If you are ever looking for a gift for me…..

A chance for a do over! The key was using taller frames. If anyone is feeling crafty, I’ve outlined the project in (hopefully) brief and simple steps. A picture of the finished project is at the bottom too


  • hinged photobox or two photoboxes and hinges
  • corks
  • glue gun (and glue!)
  • coping saw or knife (something to cut corks with)
  • possibly a screwdriver type implement (not sonic, needs to work on wood)

To get started, prepare the photobox. If you can’t find a hinged photobox that you like you can get two separate photoboxes and hinges to join them. When picking it out, think about necklace length. If you are just going to do this for earrings no worries, but if you wear necklaces you may want something a bit taller. If you have two separate photoboxes, join them. You will need to remove the glass. Depending on the box this may be difficult. I had to pry out the wooden strips holding them in (screwdriver!) and then reattach the strips when done. If there is any cloth or padding on the frame back you will want to remove it. This will be where you glue the corks and need a good surface for that.

Without gluing, try out a few cork layouts and see what works best. *Based on your layout you may have to cut some of the corks. Depending on the number this may be time consuming.

layout CopingSaw

Start attaching corks! I layed out a few corks in advance so I could ensure a proper fit, cutting corks as need be. Also think about cork aesthetics, do you want labels to show?


When all corks are attached, start hanging your jewelry! I used fancy thumbtacks but you can use any sort of push pin you want. You could also screw in small hooks if you want something a bit more permanent.

Finished product in use!


Any questions let me know and good luck!

2 thoughts on “DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Board

  1. MEGZ!!! – how CLEVER you are, you crafty little thing! I often wish I could make things; but all I can do is crochet or knit. A friend of mine over in Perth recently sent me a FASCINATIN background to cork – if you’d care to read it, email me and I’ll send it along.

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