Sherlock vs. Elementary, Day 12: from comment to a blog post

With yesterday’s challenge I made comments to several posts, one of them entitled I Believe In Sherlock Holmes. The post revolved around the BBC’s Sherlock and the associated fandom.

Last year one of my friends started pinning a ton of Sherlock fandom things. Being a Moffat fan I checked it out. I got to the end and said that’s it? How are there so few episodes? have to wait how long to see what happens next?!?!?! We have a Sherlock Holmes show here in the States called Elementary, currently in it’s second season. It is interesting watching both shows, plus the movies, and see how they fit in together. One big difference with the movies are that they take place in 1891 while the TV shows take place present day. Also the movies have a bigger budget so they obviously have more fancy special effects and outlandish stunts. The TV shows are quite different but also similar. The base characteristics of Holmes and Watson seem, to me, to be basically the same. Sherlock is leaps and bounds smarter than the rest of the population, and is bored by them. Watson gets thrown into the midst and quickly catches up to speed with the crime solving. From there they are wildly different. Elementary takes place in NYC, Holmes is a recovering drug addict, and Watson is a woman. Sherlock takes place in London, Watson is a man and was in the military. Sherlock follows Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories whereas Elementary goes it’s own path and creates it’s own story lines. If I had to pick which show I prefer, I don’t think I’d be able to. I greatly enjoy characteristics of each. However two things Elementary does have going for it is that it has more episodes and you don’t have to wait two years between seasons.

Does anyone else watch both? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the two.

3 thoughts on “Sherlock vs. Elementary, Day 12: from comment to a blog post

  1. I don’t think any Oz TV channel has purchase ‘Elementary’, Megz: I’d never heard of it. But it does make this old traditionalist a bit grumpy to hear about it, seeing as how it appears to have nothing to do with the original … As I Commented on the same site you did, I really like the movies with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law; and I’m not a fan of the series with Benedict Cumberbatch. Both series you write of are, imnsho, much too wide of the original mark. And although I’m the first to admit that the movies aren’t exactly what Conan Doyle wrote, at least you would need to watch ’em for only a minute to recognise ’em …

  2. One thing I love about Elementary is how it gives depth to the relationship between Sherlock and Watson. They are not only partners in crime solving, but in life too. It’s a beautiful example of friendship and personal growth, especially for Sherlock.

  3. I’m a fan of both as well, and just finished series 3 of Sherlock, which was brilliant (though oh so short, as always). I like them both for different reasons, and think that the modern treatment has been effective. I think the Sherlock series sticks a bit more closely with the spirit of Conan Doyle, but I love the way that Elementary embraces the quirkiness and humanness of Sherlock. If Sherlock was on more, I think it would be my favorite of the two, but like you, it’s hard to choose just one. Fortunately, we don’t have to!

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