Cat and Pup. Week 2

Time flies when you are trying to “adjust” a bunch of things in your life at once. Today started with a hike. The weather was nice but the trails were icy, which adds a layer of difficulty when you have a spunky lab pulling on you. Thankfully wore our Kahtoola Microspikes and had a good grip on the ice. The ice was rather beautiful on the creek.


Seneca sure was feeling the January thaw and was having and grand time. Post-hike we got things done around the house, including getting part of the border on my quilt done.

This weekend Seneca and Abby both and a bit of an attitude about them. There were a few spats between them which led to some interesting situations. Here are the second week’s pics of the two of them and an “interaction” photo.

Seneca 1-11

Seneca 1-11

Abby 1-11

Abby 1-11


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