Following New People: Day 9

This assignment was to follow more blogs. I searched around on some topics that I’m interested in and I came up with the below. There are a ton of other good ones out there but these were what I found a bit outside of my norm:

I just went to see a matinee of Catching fire and Interesting Literature caught my eye with a post on Hunger Games facts.

I want to go to Patagonia some day and did a search and found the Five Foot Traveler and I like her adventure style.

Under photography I found Three Generations Watercolourists who seem like my sort of people and I like their pictures.

I love the Adirondacks and Grace and Hugh have a bunch of good pictures from there.

I’m working on a quilt and getting to the end of it and I’m trying to get ideas of other things to work on and I found Lucie the Happy Quilter.

3 thoughts on “Following New People: Day 9

  1. Why hello there! It was funny, I was *just* showing my wife’s parents our blog, and then I got the e-mail saying we had a new follower. You sound like our kind of people!

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