Intervals and Sensors

I had a rough day and was looking forward to my run. I forgot to upload my new playlist and was bumming about listening to my old one. There is this woman at the gym that I really admire. She is mid-50s and has been running forever. She has had a string of injuries but always comes back. And she is speedy. I got a treadmill next to her today and when I started my warm-up walk she handed me a few papers and said, want to do intervals? Pick one. Turns out her husband signed her up for a race and she needed to pick up her pace and distance so she had printed out a bunch of treadmill interval workouts. It was just what I needed! Fast, hard, and something a little different to keep my mind off of things. I couldn’t quite get my speed where it needed to be so I’m definitely going to have to work on it! Since I was wearing my new shoes that aren’t really broken in yet, I picked up a few blisters. I could feel the one on my heel tearing open but didn’t realize how bad it was until I was done and changing.

**graphic picture to follow**

Photo Jan 08, 5 12 00 PM

Post shower Bryan and I had to back into work to check some of the sensors on one of the machines. A fire suit, steel toes, hard hat, and safety glasses later and I feel like a minion!

Photo Jan 08, 6 13 37 PM

Also for zero to hero day 7, I redid my header and background with pictures from our recent Lake Placid trip.


5 thoughts on “Intervals and Sensors

  1. Dunno what you had before, but that header is simply sublime! I’m having the devil’s own job with managing 0-Hero, meself; I think it’s senility catching up with me. [grin]

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