Zero to Hero: days 2, 3, 5

day 3: what was I thinking??? (ok, what’s on your mind)

Something I miss about college is learning. I’ve always enjoyed it and once I graduated I let my skills stagnate. I pick up hobbies and sports here and there and it’s fun and great to do but most of that is a spin off of what I’ve already done. What I really miss is the mental challenge, being intellectually pushed. When I graduated with a degree in Computer Science (doubled with Psychology) I had a knowledge base of certain programming languages. After I got my first programming job, I found out there wasn’t much overlap between what I knew and what I was going to be doing. It was a fun few months catching up and learning new things. That was 12 years ago. Not much has changed since then. The company hasn’t  moved forward with the newer languages. Now, as things are becoming obsolete we are being pushed forward to make changes and rewrite a lot of our programs. I’m having fun changing, fixing, upgrading squirrely code and have had to learn things, but there still aren’t a lot of things I’ve had to learn fresh. Mostly tweaks here and there. I feel stuck. And frustrated. I got a new fancy camera and hadn’t really done much with it. Which made me more frustrated. I was wasting money by not using it. I used to know so much about cameras and since I never got a DSLR when the film to digital switch was made, I have forgotten so much. I started this blog to get un-stuck. To get back into taking pictures and learning how to do some really cool things. When I started I was using this to push myself to take pictures and post them. Which I wasn’t doing regularly. Then I saw the zero to hero challenge and saw that as a good way to learn something new. I may never get to be a WordPress superstar but it’s fun to be challenged and to learn again.

days 2 and 5: Most of this was formatting/getting used to WordPress. I had already done most of day 2, but added my about me text widget. Playing around with the themes was fun and opened my eyes to a lot of the different options. It was interesting seeing how different themes have different layouts with the widget areas and other things. How it isn’t just the same format with a different face. I like what I have for now, but as things develop, who knows, I may need a different theme!

What do you think?

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