Zero to Hero: days 1 and 4

My whole life I’ve pretty much been the smart, geeky, loner. At least according to where I’m from. Whatever. That’s life. I like to keep to myself and not let people in. That said, I’ve decided to start a blog.  Well, I decided that three months ago. I’ve found multiple reasons why I’ve neglected writing and updating. I got married in August and I’ve been playing catch-up with things sense. I hosted Thanksgiving and had a ton of stuff to do with that. By time I get down time to actually blog it’s the only time I have time to spend with my husband so we watch tv as opposed to me blogging (because for some reason I can’t do them both at once???) NO MORE!!!!! When I logged in yesterday to post for a few photo project I’m doing I found Zero to Hero and thought it would be a great push to get me moving. A few days late to the game, I thought I would try to catch up while moving forwards. Here goes.

“Day” 1: Introduce yourself

This is from my “About” page so I’m not sure it really counts but here is the overview of who I am:

I got married recently and live in the Finger Lakes region of New York with my husband Bryan, cat Abby, and our dog Seneca. For my job I work on miscellaneous coding projects. In what free time I have I work on our house, run, hike, camp, quilt, knit, and take pictures. Right now I’m focusing on taking a breath and doing more things that I like.

That’s pretty much who I am. The why I’m here started as a place to show off my photography . And by show off I mean push myself to learn how to use my new camera. I used to be really into photography. Pretty much my whole life. And then at some point technology progressed from film and a darkroom and I didn’t bother to keep up. Now I’m working on relearning ISOs, f-stops, white balance, etc. I’m not really sure where this blog will take me, but I’m looking forward to the ride.

Day 4: Explore the Neighborhood

Basically, find other wordpress people and follow them. I looked at the people doing Zero to Hero and mostly followed a few that made me laugh or seemed to have similar interests. I also did find friends and am following a few people that I know.

As for my physical neighborhood, I live in the same area as I grew up. While growing up, every Sunday my family and I would go for a hike at a local nature center. My parents still do this. Once Bryan and I got Seneca, we started taking her up for Sunday hikes. When I was a kid this is where things felt comfortable, like home. My sister and I used to make little houses out of moss for the salamanders. Technically red newts, but we would call them sallys.


Today we took Seneca for a hike in all of the snow we have had in the past few days. We wore our snowshoes which was tons of fun.


This was us, exploring our neighborhood

3 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: days 1 and 4

  1. I think it’s so lovely that you still live in the area you group up in! I’ve lived away from my home town and extended family for most of my adult life and I miss all that regular connection to my roots. I go back once a year or so. Looking forward to reading more and seeing more of your photographs.

  2. Cameras and blogs lead to interesting places :-). I’m sure you will find that is true. Interested to see where your photography will lead. Welcome to the world of WP.

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